Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Government is the extension of God's moral order

"Government in every area is God's order, law, and authority asserted over His creation. In the world of men, God's government, whether in church, state, school, business, or family, is the extension of God's moral order over a fallen world, an assertion, to use an old Calvinist battle-cry, of 'The Crown Rights of King Jesus.' To reduce government, whether in the family, the state, or elsewhere, to force is to destroy government. Modern government, having forsaken God's law, is essentially government by force, and its force is a killing, dissecting force, a government by autopsy. The school therefore dissects the student and builds up an extensive file on the child by means of years of dissection and dissecting tests, under the illusion that dissection and autopsy are productive of education and life. The result instead is death. Apart from the restoration of godly government in every sphere of life, man's only possible future is suicide."

 ~ R. J. Rushdoony, Politics of Guilt and Pity, p. 343.