Saturday, September 12, 2015

#FFRF Anti-Religion Hate Group Sends Letter to Texas High School over Tweet

Of course, it's the Freedom From Religion Foundation. That's the atheist group that is pretty sure that if an atheist ever sees something religious outside of their own home that their heads will spontaneously combust. In this case, the school didn't initiate the tweet, they just retweeted something from Pastors for Children (based out of Texas).

The FFRF sent their standard letter to the district saying that "a student" complained. The FFRF puts that on all their letters and the complainer is always anonymous. They will, of course, always claim that because it's a student that they cannot reveal the ID. How convenient for them, and the fact that the FFRF has been hitting schools across the country with the same stuff over and over. School districts need to compare notes.

Anyway, the FFRF sent them one of their form letters. It's personalized, but they just need to go in and change a few details in order to do that for each school.  I posted both pages of it below.

The school hasn't responded to them, and hopefully won't. The so-called "Friendly Atheist, Hermant Mehta seemed bothered enough to post:
  • As of this writing, the retweet (dated August 22) is still on the District’s timeline.

Heaven forbid.