Thursday, September 10, 2015

Bobby Jindal Report 09.10.15

To begin with, Jindal makes it pretty clear what he thinks about Donald Trump. And without making any endorsement of Jindal or Trump, his first couple sentences were pretty good. 

  • You may have recently seen that after Trump said the Bible is his favorite book, he couldn’t name a single Bible verse or passage that meant something to him, and we all know why. Because it’s all just a show, and he hasn’t ever read the Bible. But you know why he hasn’t read the Bible? Because he’s not in it.........Donald Trump is dangerous, but not in the way you think. Many say he’s dangerous because you wouldn’t want a hot head with his fingers on the nuclear codes, and while that’s true, that’s not the real danger here. The real danger is that, ironically, Donald Trump could destroy America’s chance to be great again............As conservatives, we have a golden opportunity in front of us. The Democrats have terribly screwed things up, and are basically giving us the next election. If we blow this opportunity, we may never get it again, the stakes are incredibly high.”

Allahpundit @ Hot Air :
  •  What Jindal hopes to achieve with the speech, I don’t know. He’s learned by now, I assume, that picking a fight with Trump to draw his attention doesn’t lead to any movement in the polls, as Lindsey Graham, Rand Paul, and of course Perry could tell you. Maybe it’s as simple as Jindal feeling sincerely disgusted by Trump and concluding he has nothing to lose by doing it. 
I tend to think Jindal speaks from conviction, and one which should make him  more appealing to the right. It's just not clear to me why his campaign has not taken off yet. It may be getting too late.

But, then, Paul Blumenthal for the Huffington Post charges that his campaign is getting big money donations from companies and organizations that will want a return on their investment.  I can't vouch for the accuracy of all his charges. But Blumenthal did write a similar expose on Hillary Clinton's big oil campaigns that donate to her campaign over at Mother Jones.
  • Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s presidential campaign has been propped up by the $4.6 million he helped two supposedly independent outside groups raise in the first half of 2015. The majority of the funds raised by these groups comes from people and companies that have benefited from Jindal’s administration or continue to lobby his office. In total, a handful of donors with influence in Baton Rouge combined to contribute $2.5 million to Believe Again, a super PAC, and American Future Project, a 527 group.

 Louisiana based, The Hayride reports:
  • If Bobby Jindal wants to make an impact in the presidential race, he must do well in Iowa. However, he has been stuck at or below 1% in the polls in that state. However, Team Jindal should be happy about the latest NBC News/Marist poll that shows Jindal doing his best numbers so far in that state. Bobby Jindal has reached a new high of 4% according to that poll. That puts him tied for 7th place with Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Donald Trump though is still crushing the entire field with 29% support and Ben Carson is the only other candidate in double digits at 22%. This comes on the heels of Jindal giving what has been widely regarded as one of his best speeches ever last month at the Defending the Dream summit in Columbus, Ohio. Jindal also recently got some fiscal conservative credentials from the Cato Institute when they found that he was the only governor in the race who reduced spending.
And on the story of the week: Jindal told Iowa radio host Simon Conway about the event involving Kim Davis:
  •   “Here’s where we are in our country today. If you disagree with gay marriage, they put you in jail, as you see what happened in Kentucky, and yet if you mishandle national security information you’re allowed to run for president. It’s a crazy, crazy world we live in.”