Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Y'all Politics' Frank Corder's Claim that MSGOP sought neutrality in 2014 Race is False

Republican Ideologue and Self Proclaimed Mississippi Republican Party Apologist, Frank Corder,  posted a rebuttal to an article written by Keith Plunkett at Mississippi PEP which addressed the MSGOP's purposed ignoring of Republican Senator Ted Cruz'x visit to the state.

 Among the many bullet points, Corder wrote:
  • Sen. John McCain was in state in 2014 to support Thad Cochran's reelection campaign. Similarly, Sen. Rick Santorum (who is running for president again as well and actually endorsed McDaniel unlike Cruz), Sarah Palin and others stumped for Chris McDaniel. The party sought neutrality in the race as best as possible, not inserting themselves. 
I don't think that has been so, since Joe Nosef is the chairman of the MSGOP:
A couple examples, among others:
Note that Nosef's comments were BEFORE the Primary Runoff. There were other issues which included the racist robo-calls, which were admitted to having been done by Henry Barbour, to which the party just suggested that all is fair in elections and war. 

Corder also noted that

  • The state party posted a message on Facebook Tuesday evening noting Cruz's visit and the importance of Mississippi's role on the national stage.
But, as a note. Plunkett wrote his article on Aug 10. Sam R Hall at the Clarion ledger wrote his article on Aug 11.  THEN, the MSGOP posted to Facebook later that afternoon. So it's a little hard to believe the MSGOP would have shown any support or even mention the Cruz visit had Plunkett not written his article and then Sam R Hall's article mentioning it. At least not in light of their very active presence in pushing Thad Cochran over McDaniels in 2014.

It will be interesting to see how the MSGOP acts and reacts should Ted Cruz get the nomination over their own darlings, Jeb Bush or Scott Walker.