Saturday, August 8, 2015

Word Slinger Files Republican Presidential Picks As of Today:

My picks up to now with information I have up to now: : 

1)Ted Cruz -- He's a very smart guy and is underestimated. His knowledge of constitutional law and issues is impressive.

2)Ben Carson - Very smart guy. My pet peeve is this phrase: "he can't win." <<which is a lie that mainstream politicians and media love to preach when they are trying to make people's minds up about who they have already picked.

3)Mike Huckabee -- For Christian convictions

4)Carly Fiorina -- wild card. She's making some waves and good hits against Hillary. I think she could beat Hillary if it came down to it. 

5)Rick Santorum -- for his Christian convictions and not his personality

6)Rand Paul -- Really disliked his debate performance. He seemed to be trying to get a good "one liner" in somehow and failed each it appeared to be more show than substance. I still see him as Ron Paul part 2 and I disliked Part 1

7)Marco Rubio -- he's in the middle of the list . I see good and bad in him. 

8)Scott Walker --- When I saw him at debate I could only picture who would parody him on Saturday Night Live. 

9) John Kasich --didn't know much about him. Liked his first debate answer.

10)Rick Perry -- Hes trying to pull conservative support with establishment people in important places in his campaign 

11)Jeb Bush --- he has been pre-picked by the Republican party . Supports Common Core.

12)Chris Christie --- no no no He's a "bridge" over troubled water...which we would be stuck on

13)Jim Gilmore --who? Maybe if he was David Gilmour and could play "Smoke On the Water." 

14)George Pataki -- He could be a Democrat. His last name is fun to say, though. (Try saying "President Pataki" 5 times very fast. ) 

15)Lindsey Graham -- cant stand pretty much anything he says. he's more show than substance. I still think he's Mitch McConnell's brother. 

I left out two:

Bobby Jindal. Because I hoped he would be #1 and I waited for him to enter the race, but hasn't broke out yet in his campaign and has been under the radar quite a bit.

Donald Trump. he's an anomaly and I am not sure if I like his cause or his affect. If it turns out to be both then he will be an easy #1

Honorable mention:
John Dummett, Jr. He's one of those fringe candidates that no one hears about. He is very critical about both the Republican & Democrat Party.. and considers himself a Constitutional Republican. From his bio:
Dummet rejects the modern notion of the Constitution as a living document, arguing that the founders deliberately made it nearly impossible to alter and that changes made to it since its drafting should be rectified. He is staunchly pro-life, opposed to gay marriage, and believes that all immigrants who come to live in the United States must assimilate to American culture first and foremost.