Saturday, August 22, 2015

Rolling Stone Stops Laughing at Donald Trump Because he is Winning & Hillary is Sinking Fast

Sucks to be on the wrong side of reality, but that has never stopped Rolling Stone, a paper that started out as an anti-establishment with a theme toward music into a pro-establishment political rag that is totally commercially driven. 

They initially did not take Donald Trumps White House bid serious...but suddenly that has changed:
Matt Taibbi writes:

  • In fact, most veteran political observers figured that the concrete impact of Trump's candidacy would be limited in the worst case to destroying the Republican Party as a mainstream political force.
    That made Trump's run funny, campy even, like a naughty piece of pornographic performance art. After all, what's more obscene than pissing on the presidency? It seemed even more like camp because the whole shtick was fronted by a veteran reality TV star who might even be in on the joke, although of course the concept was funnier if he wasn't.
    Trump had the whole country rubbernecking as this preposterous Spaulding Smails caricature of a spoiled rich kid drove the family Rolls (our illustrious electoral process in this metaphor) off the road into a ditch. It was brilliant theater for a while, but the ugliness factor has gotten out of control.