Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Public Schools do not teach people how to think, but only what to think

Public schooling is one of the biggest sacred cows of government, and it is incredibly rare for a politician to ever recognize how damaging it is to children, and that its true intention is to indoctrinate, not educate. Politicians like Bernie Sanders want to pour more money into schooling, as if schooling is a positive thing, however, this is simply not true.

The education system in America and most of the rest of the world is a corrupt establishment that does a lot more harm than it does good. The main focus of public education is to mold young minds into accepting authority and to teach them the very basic skills that they will need to be a part of the workforce.

 Schools do not teach people how to think, but only what to think, or more accurately how to remember and regurgitate information which has been fed to them.

 The useful information that is taught in schools would realistically only take a few months per year to go over, but passing along this information is not what’s important to the public school system. What is important to them is the day to day structure of how the school is run which “socializes” and indoctrinates the children. This structure is designed to break the child’s spirit and teach them to be submissive to authority figures. It is also specifically designed to groom working class children for their future jobs, which will be at a corporation or bureaucracy of their choosing.

Surprisingly, this fact has been recognized to some extent by Rand Paul, but instead of promoting ideas like homeschooling, unschooling, or Montessori schooling, he seems to want the same type of government school structure, but just in a private setting. So again, while he may pay lip service to reform, he fails to go far enough and strike at the root of the issue or bring forward any radical solutions. He has suggested abolishing the Department of Education though, which I must admit is a decent start.
SOURCE: True Activist
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