Saturday, August 15, 2015

If nothing is true, why bother?

"It is assumed in such a “democratic” view that if all religion, culture, and thought are banned, we will have left nothing but people with no reason to agree or disagree with each other about anything. A people unable or incapable of talking about anything important soon becomes a vapid and empty people who have nothing much to stand for, whose only god is that there is no god. If nothing is true, why bother? This theory, coming largely from Hobbes, explains much of the anti-religion bias that we now see in Europe and America. The First Amendment’s freedom of religion has been transformed into a “freedom” of private world views. A religion that claims to be true is itself the chief threat to domestic peace, particularly if it maintains the sanctity of all human life. The only way for religion to survive and flourish is to follow the Muslim model of using violence and state power to protect a particular religion from any outside influence.

 --James V. Schall, S.J., who served as a professor at Georgetown University for thirty-five years, is one of the most prolific Catholic writers in America. His most recent books are The Mind That Is Catholic and The Modern Age.