Thursday, August 13, 2015

Carly Fiorina Report 08.13.15

New York Times:
“I don’t spend very much of my campaign time talking or thinking about Donald Trump,” she said in an interview Wednesday. But it is one she has embraced with the same fervor that she has employed against Mrs. Clinton, the Democratic Party front-runner. “Women understood” that Mr. Trump’s attack the day after the debate on the Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, making a reference to bleeding that many people thought was an allusion to menstruation, was sexist, Mrs. Fiorina told a visibly squeamish Jake Tapper of CNN. “I’ve had lots of men imply that I was unfit for decision-making because maybe I was having my period. So I’ll say it, O.K?”

 The Atlantic:
Lest we get carried away, Fiorina’s rise is—for now—something well short of a surge. She has advanced safely beyond the land of the 1 percent in polling, and she appears well-positioned to take a spot in the top-tier debate when Republicans converge on the Reagan Library next month. But she has yet to top 10 percent in either a national survey or in polls in Iowa and New Hampshire, which show her trailing Trump and three or four other candidates. As Politico’s Katie Glueck observed, many people at the RedState convention said they liked Fiorina, but few said she was their first choice for the nomination. On policy, she has stayed well within the bounds of traditional conservative orthodoxy.

“Unfortunately, I think Mr. Trump is taking the Democrat Party’s talking points on Planned Parenthood,” Fiorina said in an interview released by CBS News on Wednesday.
“There are many other organizations that exist to help women with their health issues — pap smears, mammograms, et cetera,” added Fiorina, who has climbed in the polls following her widely praised performance at last week’s debate.
“In fact, Planned Parenthood does very few mammograms, just as one example, but what they do is a whole lot of abortions,” she said.
Fiorina made similar marks in a new interview with the Weekly Standard:
“I profoundly disagree with that statement by Donald Trump,” said the former Hewlett-Packard CEO. “They need to be defunded. There are many organizations that provide the kind of services that he mentioned. Planned Parenthood must be defunded.”