Saturday, August 22, 2015

Bernie Sanders is in South Carolina Trying to be Obama's Third Term on Racism

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders sought to broaden his appeal with black voters Friday in speeches denouncing “institutional racism” in the American political and economic system.
The Vermont senator addressed an overwhelmingly white crowd in the Republican stronghold of Greenville, South Carolina, as he made his case that “racism still remains a much too real part of American life.” He’s expected to meet privately with black leaders while in the state.
“There is no one who will fight harder not only to end institutional racism, but to make fundamental changes in our broken criminal justice system,” he said, drawing roars from the crowd of almost 3,000.
He struck a similar chord Friday evening in front of another 2,000-plus people in the capital city of Columbia. That crowd was younger than in Greenville, but no more racially diverse.
Sanders called for banning the for-profit prison industry, demilitarizing local police forces and restoring portions of the Voting Rights Act struck down by the Supreme Court.
South Carolina hosts the South’s first presidential primary and is the first state in the nominating process to have a large number of black voters, who could make up a majority of the Democratic primary electorate in the state.

SOURCE: Black Christian Network