Thursday, July 2, 2015

Yahoo Writer Kate Solomon Insults "stupid" and "close-minded" People with American Pride

In an article posted at Yahoo & Tumblir,  Kate Solomon wrote that "Some people are 'American flagging’ their Facebook profile pictures as a protest against Pride." 

She writes:
  • Last week, millions of Facebook users gave their profile pictures a rainbow makeover to celebrate the double Pride/Supreme Court same-sex marriage ruling but an unpleasant backlash has begun. The translucent rainbow tool was laid on by Facebook itself, but a number of third-party apps are now offering an American flag equivalent to people opposed to gay marriage and equality in general.

She has no proof of that except that she saw a tweet that suggested it.

  •, which created one of the American flag tools, hasn’t explicitly stated that it’s meant as a counter to the rainbow Celebrate Pride avatars and oppose equal marriage, many users seem to have been taking it that way:

She passes judgement anyway:

  • It’s kind of a stupid idea, given that it is possible to both celebrate Pride and be American. The backward, close-minded thinking that goes along with the movement would maybe better represented by the confederate flag.

Even if the dots she connected are true, there is still nothing irreverent in America about celebrating being America..especially this close to July 4. What she is suggesting is that if you have an American Flag instead of a "Gay Pride" flag then you are "stupid" and "close-minded."