Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Rev. Bill Keller: NBCUniversal should apologize to "born-again Bible-believing Christians" for mocking and demeaning their faith beliefs.

In a recent media interview, Keller stated: "It is time for Christians to start speaking out and taking a stand for our faith. As someone who has spent the past 16 years reaching out to the masses outside of the four walls of the church, ministering and sharing the gospel with the lost and hurting who are not Christians, and sharing a biblical worldview on the issues of the day in non-Christian media outlets, the reason this nation is in spiritual free fall and in total rebellion to God our Creator is because the church has created its own subculture and left the masses for the wolves of Satan to devour!"

Keller went on: "NBCUniversal is a prime example of a major media conglomerate that without shame or concern, not only promotes what Bible-believing Christians identify as sin, but in its programming daily mocks and demeans Christians with their on-air hosts and guests often referring to "born-again Bible-believing Christians" as intolerant bigots, hate-mongers and fools for believing the Truth of the Bible."
SOURCE: Charisma