Sunday, July 12, 2015

Rev Adam Hamilton's Flawed Position on Same Sex Marriage

Adam Hamilton: is pastor of a church that boasts membership of about 20,000, the  United Methodist Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas.

In an article he posted in response to the Supreme Court decision, he wrote 

  • I don’t believe God makes us gay or straight.  I think sexual orientation is developed in most of us at a very early age through some combination of nature and nurture.  Heterosexuality is normative, but roughly 5% of the population is drawn to love someone of the same gender in the same way that heterosexuals are drawn to love the opposite gender.  Is it possible that God might look at his gay and lesbian children and say, “It is not good that this one should be alone; I will make them a helper as their companion”?   .............................Currently the United Methodist Church says that gay and lesbian couples cannot enter into this kind of covenant.  They cannot receive God’s blessings upon their love within our churches and from our pastors because, according to our Discipline, to share their lives together as companions in this kind of covenant is “incompatible with Christian teaching.”  We teach, in essence, that God says of gay and lesbian people that it is good for them to be alone   

It's not very hard at all to see the flaw in his "logic." What he is saying is that if a person is drawn to someone of the same gender, they should probably not be denied the right to be together. I wonder if this would apply to any addiction as well. Suppose someone is drawn to drinking lots of whiskey. Should they then be denied the right to drink themselves to death? The pattern would hold with just about any addiction.

I believe that there are gay/lesbians who feel they are helpless and, so much so, that they mistake their helplessness for who they are. It's much much easier now that society is offering them affirmation. And if you don't "feel" like you are a boy or girl....society is helping you deal with that also.

That's been a major part of the agenda ever since gay/lesbian advocates finally realized there is no "gay gene." Let's just call black "white" and white "black." What difference does it make as long as well all get along??

I suspect we are about ready to see.