Friday, July 10, 2015

Reeves: Flag Change Should be Up to Voters / NAACP: time to have the divisive Confederate symbol removed

Lt Governor Tate Reeves says a change to the state flag should be put to a vote. The head of Jackson's NAACP, Curley Clark, is going to go and recruit help from the nation NAACP to see that it is gotten rid of.

  • Reeves said he would not support any action which would go against the will of the people.
    "The people of Mississippi voted in 2001, and voted overwhelmingly, to maintain the status quo and keep the 1894 flag," Reeves said. "And I would be very opposed to the governor making a unilateral decision or the Legislature making a unilateral decision to change the flag."
  • The head of Jackson County's NAACP wants Mississippi to adopt a new flag. And Curley Clark says he'll ask for the national NAACP's support to change the current Mississippi flag.
    On Saturday, Clark will be in Philadelphia at the NAACP National Convention. During that meeting, he'll request the NAACP's assistance to work with Mississippi lawmakers on a plan to remove the confederate battle symbol from the state flag. “It is time to have the divisive Confederate symbol re-moved from our state flag and replaced with a symbol that all Mississippians can embrace”, Clark said.[WDAM