Wednesday, July 15, 2015

President Obama Did Not Approve Major Garretts Question and Gets Defensive

One of the many reason he dislikes Fox News. Fox News doesn't just ask the question that he thinks they should  "know better" then to ask. 

 Garret asked today:

  • “Can you tell the country, sir, why you are content with all the fanfare around this deal to leave the conscious of this nation, the strength of this nation, unaccounted for in relation to these four Americans?” Garrett asked.

Obama grew visibly upset and told Garrett he should “know better” than to ask that. Garrett later responded to Obama's public scolding:

  • “Politicians, especially those elected as president, are very adept at creating straw men. Taking something that they feel rhetorically works to their advantage and using it. That’s exactly what the president did,” Garrett said. “My question did not suggest he was content with the captivity of those four Americans. My question was about the contentment, or the satisfaction, or the realization that it was necessary within the context of this deal to leave them unaccounted for. That was the essence of the question.