Saturday, July 18, 2015

"Outrage Manufacturers" Strike at Pastor Brian Carn

 As the outrage manufacturers continue their rampage on society, they took aim at Pastor Brian Carn who spoke at Empowerment Temple Church in Baltimore. 

He said:

  • “Im very disappointed that many of our major preachers aren’t saying anything,” Carn said regarding the recent vote about same gender marriage. “Look at someone and tell them, ‘I’m not going to compromise.”
  • “Serving the Lord will pay off after a while. One word from God can change your life.” He said, “I told yall to increase the temperature of your prayer.”
  • “It’s sad. It’s not good that the enemy can walk in our churches and we’re not able to discern,” Carn said, evoking some push back from the church.
  • “Somebody needs to have discernment,” he emphasized again. “Somebody needs to be able to say, ‘The devil’s in the house.’”
  • “I know we have security, and thank God for security, but you can’t secure these demons. You’re only security is going to be the glory of God.”

 The Outrage machine targeted his comments as being about the Charleston church shooting when it had nothing to do with that.
  • Many believe that the statement was insensitive to the victims and their families after such a tragic incident within the walls of the church. To suggest that the members of the church should have “discerned” that the killer, Dylan Roof, should not have been present, makes it appear as if it were the victim’s fault.
 People.we need to say "Enough is Enough!" when it comes to these idiots who seem to try an create outrage and just about anything. 

To float a theory, however, Carn was very outspoken against same sex marriage. It would not be the first time that pro-gay marriage forces took aim at someone as retaliation for not accepting their agenda.