Wednesday, July 22, 2015

One Note About One Quote: LGBT Rob Hill Edition

From the Jackson Free Press:

 Rob Hill, director of the Human Rights Campaign—the largest LGBT advocacy group in the U.S:
"We as Americans and Mississippians should celebrate this decision, as it makes clear that once and for all that we are equal under the law," said Hill, who pastored a Methodist church in Jackson before joining HRC.
Hill said he thinks history will be the true judge for supporters of biblical marriage.
"I could predict that a similar group of people will gather on these grounds years from now and ask for forgiveness for what they've said about their LGBT neighbors," he said.

WSF NOTE: As a general rule, "Laws" do not make all people equal. Never have. Especially when they are put forth under the context of "rights." Whose "rights" trump whose "rights?" and if one set of "rights" is can there be equality? I can accept that Hill would not understand that particularly in light of his poor analysis of Christians coming back some day and asking forgiveness. It would make sense that he is a "former" pastor since he clearly has no understanding of the Bible and what it means to be a Christian.