Thursday, July 23, 2015

Mississippi's Last Abortionist Says Planned Parenthood is Being Persecuted Like Jesus was

Mississippi's only remaining abortion provider is claiming one of the physicians exposed negotiating the price of aborted fetal body parts in an undercover video is being unfairly persecuted – just as Jesus was.

Willie Parker, who works at the women's health clinic in Jackson, said in an interview with Cosmopolitan after the publication of the video that he knows Dr. Deborah Nucatola – subject of the first video produced by the Center for Medical Progress – very well and claims she is a "stellar abortion provider."

Nucatola was recorded discussing with actors portraying representatives of a fetal tissue procurement company how she could "crush above" and "crush below" to keep a fetus's heart, lungs and liver intact for sale. But Parker says the doctor, who dines on a salad and a glass of wine while dealing in body parts, is not callous.

 "People know her and respect her. The person that she is and the commitment she has to this work tells me that when this is all settled down and when she has gotten her bearings, she is going to be able to engage and exercise the leadership that she's been engaged in. She's young. She's healthy. She's bright. She's going to continue to be committed to reproductive rights and reproductive justice. She's going to be fine," Parker said of Nucatola.
SOURCE: Christian Examiner