Thursday, July 9, 2015

Democrats Next Move: Ban Donald Trumps Hair

Democrats rarely hit the target when they are aiming to abolish, get rid of something, or try to fix something they think is broken or they do not like. In the Confederate Flag debate, for example, instead of targeting racism, they decided to focus on banning a Civil War Flag. So, even before South Carolina governor Nikki Haley signed  a bill to remove the flag from the South Carolina capital, the Democrats were already conspiring to get rid of something else they think is a thorn in their side: Donald Trump. Knowing they have no clue how to counter the bold and brash Trump, they have decided to ban Donald Trumps hair.  After all, in their mind, Donald Trump's hair causes Donald Trump.

National GOP chairman Reince Priebus is already doing something he does best: Help the Democratic Party, and so, they have his support.