Saturday, July 11, 2015

CNN Just LOVES to Provoke Controversys

But, then isn't that what the "C" in CNN stands for?

The latest is an article posted by CNN's Emanuella Grinberg on Paula Deen and a picture of her son: 

  • An image posted on her social media accounts Tuesday showed Deen and her son Bobby dressed as Lucy and Ricky Ricardo from the classic 1950s TV comedy show "I Love Lucy."
    It might not have been so bad if Bobby Deen's face was not clearly painted a darker shade of brown than his hands.
Deen's fans could have cared less:

  •  Not everyone took issue with the look. Fans on her Facebook page called it "adorable" and "cute" before the post was removed.
 But, CNN had to push so:

  • Deen, in a statement issued by a spokeswoman, apologized "to all who were offended." She blamed a social media manager for posting the image from a Halloween episode of "Paula's Best Dishes" that aired in 2011.