Thursday, July 16, 2015

All The Presidents Men Work at CNN (and MSNBC)

Dana Bash, Don Lemon and Gloria Borger, among others at CNN, showed how much both CNN and their anchors are big fans of Barack Obama, as they offered criticism of CBS News White House Correspondent Major Garrett for bothering Obama by asking him an important question. 

Dana Bash:

  • There’s a fine line between asking a tough question and maybe crossing that line a little bit and being disrespectful, and I think that happened here.”
 Don Lemon:

  •  “OK, so, let me tell you, basically, what he was saying was, ‘Man, look here, are you out of your damn mind?’ That’s exactly what the tone — that’s exactly where I thought he was going, like ‘Are you crazy?’ To — because, to put the question in that form. I was at home watching it going ‘Wait a minute,’ you know, it was a little out of school, but I was — I thought that was the next thing was coming, like, ‘What is wrong with you?’ That’s what I thought he was going to say.”
 Gloria Borger:

  •  “look, the question about the fate of four Americans is a completely legitimate question. When you look at the language and the way it was loaded in this question, ‘capitulation,’ ‘are you content?’ [paraphrasing] ‘Did you hang the Joint Chiefs of Staff out to dry?’ There are different ways to ask questions, and I think, again, when you look at the president, and I think Don’s absolutely right, I don’t think he really wanted to say that’s nonsense. I think he wanted to say something a little bit stronger, but you could see that he was visibly angry and upset and irritated.”CNN Chief Political Analyst Gloria Borger