Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Truckers Beware: Obama wants to add even more regulations to you.

No truer words were ever spoken then Ronald Reagan when he said one of the most terrifying words any American can hear is "I'm here from the government and I want to help." 

 Every time the government wants to make you safer it ends up costing you more.  If costs go up for truckers,  you can be guaranteed that it will affect food prices, among other things.

  • President Obama is expected to soon add emission rules for big-rig trucks to a growing list of regulations to combat the threat of climate change.
  • The president directed the Environmental Protection Agency to develop new rules for heavy-duty trucks to make them more fuel efficient, while lowering their carbon dioxide emissions to lessen the effects of global warming.
  • Trucking manufacturers will be looking to see if they are able to meet the standards without driving smaller trucking fleets out of business, according to industry representatives.
  • The rules will not only regulate the truck and the engine, but are also expected to add new efficiency and emission regulations for trailers that large tractor-trailer trucks haul. One official says it will be a "big rule" that comprises so many components of large trucks that it could easily be broken down into several separate regulations.

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