Saturday, June 27, 2015

Time Author Says White People's Opinion on Mississippi Flag is Not Important

The author, Sierra Mannie,  actually makes what would be considered a racist statement if only white was exchanged with black

. Lots of black authors, reporters, pundits and politicians feel they have carte blanche when it comes to race and can be just as racist and obnoxious as they can. (Racism and obnoxious goes hand in hand.

She writes:  

  • Former Mississippi Governor and supporter of the White Citizens’ Council Haley Barbour recently assured us in no unclear terms that he was not offended by the Confederate flag, nor its place in the upper lefthand corner of the state flag of Mississippi. Barbour did not offer his perspective on whether or not the flag should remain standing at state capitols, but did suggest that the people of Mississippi should be the one to decide its flag’s fate. I agree with Barbour that this is a conversation Mississippians must have — but the opinions of white Mississippians for whom the racism the flag represents has negligible or zero effect should not take precedence. Whether or not Barbour finds the Confederate flag offensive, it is an inescapable symbol of white subjugation of black Americans. 
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