Saturday, June 6, 2015

Squire: The problem with America is the old white people (paraphrase mine)

Not really new by any means, but continuing the theme of how great Obama has been and how racist those cops were in Ferguson, writer Aurin Squire blames America's ills on the older white Americans.

And. of course, he says it all started to be clear when Obama was elected.

  • The most dangerous uprising that's threatening America's stability isn't black protests in places like Ferguson or Baltimore. It's taking place among an aging white majority that is losing its bearing on reality and destroying the gears of government, media and public welfare. At its center is an inexplicable, illogical and dangerous fear that some sociologists are now defining as white fragility. I have witnessed this strange phenomenon intensifying over the last several years, but I first became aware of it immediately after the election of Barack Obama.
The complete article is at Talking Points Memo