Saturday, June 20, 2015

Shorter Obama on the Failure of DC and Racism: It's Congress and Everyones Else Fault

While Charleston, SC was still reeling from the mass shooting, Obama was in Hollywood fundraising, pointing his finger, and dissing "dialogue." 

Part of what he said:

"He thought that when I got to Washington I could bring people together and make them work more effectively, and the fact of the matter is that Washington is still gridlocked and still seems obsessed with the short-term and the next election instead of the next generation. And on that issue, I had to tell him, 'You're right. "

Then, just when you think he may actually "get it," he throws Congress under the bus and adds:

  • "I am frustrated and you have every right to be frustrated because Congress doesn't work the way it should."
 So he pats himself on the back for having made some "good speeches" about "race" but then says dialogue isn't going to help.

  •  "If you're concerned about racial polarization in this country, it's nice to have dialogues around race, but me making a good speech — and I've made some good speeches on the subject — that's not going to solve the problem. What are you doing to reach out in your own community?"
Clearly, Obama's "shoot from the hip" type dialogue doesn't help anything and in fact has made him one of the most polarizing people involved int he racial debate.  But, of's NEVER his fault. Everyone else is doing it wrong.