Thursday, June 4, 2015

Shorter Hillary Clinton: Register & Vote or Got To Jail

 That may be extreme because Hillary never said what it would mean if someone did not register and vote under her "Voting Plan,:" but if it is a law, it has to have repercussions for violations.

The Hill reported: 
  • Hillary Clinton on Thursday blasted potential Republican rivals for the voting requirements in their states as she proposed a series of policies meant to expand access to the polls
  • The Democratic presidential candidate called for ensuring at least 20 days of early voting across the country, restoring key pieces of the Voting Rights Act and instituting automatic voter registration
 One, of many dissenters, observed:
  •  “Clinton’s embrace of mandatory or ‘universal’ voter registration may sound above reproach, but the actual means to accomplish such a policy would risk substantial voter dilution for citizens," said Catherine Engelbrecht, founder of the Houston-based conservative group True the Vote.