Thursday, June 18, 2015

Random Observations From My Seat in the Peanut Gallery 06.18.15

There's only one place in New York where those two convicts could hide without being found. Yep, they're in Hillary Clinton's email server.

 So far, the number of Republican candidates and the number of Hillary Clinton scandals that need investigated are pretty much the same. .

 Meanwhile, Elizabeth Warren is still an Indian somewhere...

 A California teacher reportedly told her students that she doesn't teach Shakespeare because he’s a dead, white man.
Come on. He may be dead. but he was the head of the London Chapter of the NAACP.

 Hillary Clinton: "My values and a lifetime of experiences has given me a different vision for America"
Why do Democrats think America needs a different vision? I mean, if they don't like it..why are they even here in the first place?

 It is with some regret and a couple "mehs" that we have to announce that Rachel Dolezal has separated from her NAACP leadership position. In the agreement, Rachel's ethnicity will remain in the custody of the NAACP. Rachel will resume her identity as a caucasian but has said that what she really meant to say was that she is a Mexican but settled for the NAACP position for fear she would be deported since she has no green card. If she is not granted amnesty she has already gone on record as stating that what she really meant to say was that she really meant to say she is a proud descendant of the Sioux Indian Nation.............Film at 11.

 Survival Tip: If you're lost in the woods, rub two mozzarella sticks together to start a pizza.

 Jeb Bush is going to make an announcement. I wonder what it will be??

 Michelle Obama must be having a fit right now since Hillary Clinton's speech was so full of sugary superlatives and hyperbole.

 Hillary said today "As your President, I’ll do whatever it takes to keep Americans safe." If she means like she did as Secretary of State, then that's not a promise its a threat.

 In honor of all of Hillary Clinton's accomplishments, Face Book will be limiting the number of words in a status update to zero.

 Hillary Clinton is running against George W Bush

 ABC Family, which is owned by Disney, has a new show called "Becoming Us." Basically the show is about how a kid has to deal with his dad becoming a woman. The next generation, should the Lord tarry, is going to be one really messed up bunch of people.

 Someone mixed up all the floor numbers on the elevator buttons, and that’s just wrong on so many levels.

 Politics: Millions of people deluding themselves into believing that the world would be a better place if everyone just believed what they do.
Election Time Politics: Millions of people CERTAIN that what they believe will make the world a better place if everyone just believed what they do
Now enjoy your time on Face Book through Nov 2016

 Nancy Pelosi understood the ramifications of the Obama Trade Act and said she will vote against it. It's the Pelosi Rule of Politics: She only votes for bills that no one knows whats in them until they are passed.

 NAACP found out a white woman pretending to be black became an NAACP leader. No surprise. They still haven't found out they have a black man pretending to be the president....

 Annual Congressional Baseball Game was played today. Ted Cruz didn't play so no one will know if sliding into home base whether he would choose the American or Canadian one.

 Dogs may have caught the scent of the two escaped convicts from New York. The New York Times just got done with the dogs after they caught the scent of Dirt on Republican candidates. Now if only the dogs could find the New York Times journalistic integrity.