Thursday, June 11, 2015

Proposition 48 for Marijuana Legalization in Mississippi Seems to be Running Short on Signatures.

Early this year a Florida marijuana proponent withdrew an offer to pay $1 for each certified signature on the petition to get Proposition 48 on the ballot. 

Today, Kelly Jacobs, author of Proposition 48 to legalize marijuana in Mississippi, posted on Face Book:

Please get all of the voter registration forms that you have collected, signed ‪#‎Bi48‬ petitions that can be turned in, and turn them in for Deadline Friday. You can stick them into the mail, or you can take them in person to your Circuit Clerk, but (non working) Team Legalize volunteers, please get your act together and collect signatures and turn them in every week by Deadline Friday. Thank you.
This Friday I am driving to Jackson for a rally at the Capitol, Saturday I'm collecting signatures in Horn Lake at Latamire Park for the Juneteenth celebration, and Sunday the President of NORML Memphis, John Marek is coming to Hernando Mississippi from 1 until 3 at the library for a #Bi48 meeting and the public (you) is invited to attend.
There will be #Bi48 petitions you can sign and you can turn in your #Bi48 petition and registered to vote!

If you do not have a #Bi48 petition, you are a reason why we only have 9,000 certified signatures. We require more Mississippians to help us collect signatures or we will not be able to legalize marijuana. Download the petition
or ask for one to be mailed to you.
Be sure to include your name and mailing address if you want me to mail you a petition.

You also must have the petition properly filled out. Yesterday I got a petition mailed to me from a volunteer, but most of the signatures she collected on it will be rejected because the full name of the voter is not printed out.
The circuit clerk will not certify a scribbled signature name and then initials for the printed name. The circuit clerk will not certify a voter that just has a cursive signature and no further information.
The #Bi48 directions must be followed on the petition or you are wasting your time asking your friends to sign it.

If you are not sure how to do this, here is it an educational video you can watch about our ballot initiative #Bi48 and how to properly fill it out