Monday, June 8, 2015

One Hillary Clinton Accomplishment: She almost singlehandedly did the Libyan war

Not a good one, but it is something she should be remembered for. 

Ralph Nader brought it up recently during a discussion about his new book  Return to Sender, which focuses on unanswered letters Nader wrote to U.S. presidents about an array of issues:

She almost singlehandedly did the Libyan war. The Defense Department was against it, [Secretary Robert] Gates, and she persuaded the White House that it was an easy topple without knowing that in a tribal society with nothing to replace it you would have a civil war, sectarian killings spilling into Africa, weapons everywhere, Mali, central Africa and she’s being accused of Benghazi – the big thing is the huge amount of geography that has been destabilized because of the Libyan overthrow."