Wednesday, June 3, 2015

No MSGOP Unity Yet: Sen Sojourner & McDaniel Slam MSGOP Election Tactics

Melanie Sojourner
My disdain for those, so called Republicans, who still stand by Cochran's side grows stronger day by day. Despicable.
All I have done, since even before I ran for office, was fight to advance the Republican cause.
The actions of Republicans who stood by Cochran while Haley orchestrated this madness are the ones responsible for the split in the party. Not those of us who have been constantly fighting for the conservative principles and the constitution. [Original FaceBook Post]

Chris McDaniel
To all the so-called Republicans who defend this behavior in defense of Thad, you should be ashamed.
This article is illustrative of everything that is wrong with the GOP establishment. A Barbour bragging about receiving $350,000 from a Democrat donor?
From the article:
"Up to this point, at least, Parker’s contributions haven’t triggered significant backlash within the GOP. In Mississippi, the McDaniel campaign assailed Cochran for accepting outside support from both Parker and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, as well as for actively courting Democratic and independent voters in the state’s open Republican primary system

Article from June 2014 Politico: