Saturday, June 20, 2015

MSDem Chairman Ricky Cole: It is Every Christian's Duty to Fight White Supremacy

From FaceBook

I'm going to say this plain because clarity is my goal: the white thug who murdered nine innocent people in church Wednesday night is a product of of an upbringing/culture/"way of life" steeped in the hoary old evil of white supremacy. White supremacy in this country, in its obvious ways and its insidious ways, has been the unfathomable burden and yoke upon the backs of people of African descent since colonial times. Southern places like Charleston and Jackson and Birmingham and most smaller places throughout the South and other parts of the country have been ground zero at one time (or countless times) in the culmination of racist terror in the violent murder of African Americans at the hands of racist white people. In the vast majority of cases, either nothing or mighty damned little has ever been done to bring justice in these murders. And today, in 2015, it continues. Friends, white supremacy is evil. It is immoral. It breeds injustice and fear and violence and hatred. It cripples the whole society. It is unChristian. It makes a mockery of the high principles to which the Republic at its best aspires. And it is the Christian duty of every Christian and the American duty of every American, especially the good people among us who are white Southerners, to do battle with this ancient old demon in our culture and in too many of our spirits that has led us to kill and oppress our Brothers and Sisters and has kept us mired in an unholy, impoverished swamp of evil hatred for over 400 years. We must end white supremacy now, in the name of the Republic and in the Holy Name of God Almighty Himself.