Sunday, June 28, 2015

MS NAACP President: We Don't Know what the Flag Meant to Dylan Roof, BUT...

 the image with the Confederate Flag is evil anyway...(paraphrase mine)

"The recent tragedy in Charleston, South Carolina, has brought renewed attention to the divisive history of the Confederate battle flag. The unfathomable murder of the Charleston Nine has forced us to confront the Confederate flag’s true meaning. To some, the flag is defended as a symbol of Mississippi’s history and heritage. To the Mississippi State Conference NAACP and many others, the flag is a hurtful reminder of slavery and segregation. While none of us can know what the flag meant to Dylan Roof, the alleged murder in Charleston, the images of him with the Confederate Flag demonstrate why Mississippi needs to make sure symbols of our state’s ugly history are never promoted or celebrated. This is why the NAACP supports the removal of the confederate bars from the Mississippi State Flag and applauds House Speaker Gunn’s recent statement that we need to begin this conversation. Speaker Gunn has shown tremendous courage and we hope our state’s other political leaders will follow him. If they do, history will applaud their courage." --Derrick Johnson 06.23.15