Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Having the Right Instinct on Morally Cultural Issues is Good; But Expressing it Properly is Great

I came across this comment on a blog from Texas. The author writes: 

  •  Many homosexual “marriage” opponents seem to suffer a sense of moral illegitimacy — and this includes many Republicans. They have the right instinct, but do not know how to express their view. When they are put on the spot to defend their position, they really have no way to explain it. Since they do not want to be embarrassed, they simply shut up or retreat. Most of these people have no background in moral philosophy or ethics. They are products of our modern educational system which denudes the mind of any notion of natural law, which is the fundamental point from which unnatural “marriage” should be opposed, and replaces it with moral and cultural relativism.
  •  [They are products of our modern Church and sects, too, which by and large have failed to instill an understanding of right morality as ordained by God, or to the extent they have, almost always do so by quoting the Bible, an august authority, truly, but one more and more rejected by our secularized society. What even those who can argue from a point of biblicly-inspired morality miss is the sense of Tradition that would take the Bible out of the distant past and connect it to the present day.]
 Though I think this is an accurate critique on the subject, the good news is that those who want to fight the battle, but can't articulate it well have plenty of sources to learn from. But it takes a little time and a little careful reading. And, oh yeah, the Bible is helpful in all endeavors and most pertinent on this subject.