Saturday, June 20, 2015

Clarion Ledger Author Offers Sympathetic Article to Social Security Card Fraud

 Under the guise of sympathy to the fact that the 9 people were illegal immigrants ("undocumented workers" to the more PC and the author),  Clarion Ledger author Sarah Fowler reported:

  •  Monday, nine undocumented dairy farm workers were arrested for Social Security card fraud in Raymond. At least three of the men were married.

 The rest of the article is a lot of  sugary hyperbole and candy-coated superlatives (with some tears for effect). She summarizes:

  •  “They are human beings and all human beings have certain desires in life,” she said. “Love, water food and shelter. Most people want good health for their children, education. Everybody wants and needs those. I think that we have to understand that. All of us are human beings. We just got lucky being born here in The United States.”

Lots of criminals have families and families that miss them. I dont see any reason to give 9 people who were breaking the law before they broke the law again any special consideration.