Monday, June 8, 2015

CBS, CNN, NBC have filed an amicus brief in support of Fox News in its lawsuit against TVEyes

Politico Reports:

  • Five media companies, including CBS Studios, CNN and NBCUniversal, have filed an amicus brief in support of Fox News in its lawsuit against the media monitoring site TVEyes.

    The brief, filed on Friday and obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, states that TVEyes is taking business away from networks, despite the fact that both NBC and CBS have been subscribers of the service before. The companies argue that TVEyes, which monitors and transcribes television and radio content, "unlawfully misappropriates" content without investing in it.

    "It is no secret that the media industry has come under enormous financial pressure in the digital age," the companies wrote. "As people consume more and more news via mobile devices or on the Internet, the market for streaming audio and video has become a key source of revenue for media companies — one that is actively exploited by amici as well as Fox News. Indeed, today’s consumers are increasingly drawn to shorter, topical video clips on their computers and mobile devices rather than full-length news programming."