Monday, June 29, 2015

Actress Aunjanue Ellis Attempts Coercion/Blackmail Tactics on Mississippi

 I mean, she must think she's pretty important if she thinks her overinflated ego is going to make the state of Mississippi do her bidding in exchange for her making her presence here.

WLBT Reports:

  • An acclaimed actress and Mississippian has created a coalition to deliberately avoid film-making ventures in the state until the confederate flag emblem is removed from the Mississippi flag. 
  • Aunjanue Ellis, known for her work in Ray, The Help, The Book of Negroes, and NCIS LA, announced Monday her initiative to encourage Mississippi lawmakers to remove the confederate symbol from the state flag. 
  • According to a statement issued by Ellis, the state flag is "a blatant symbol of oppression and inequality."

The state of Louisiana found out early enough that offering incentives to the movie industry in order for them to film here is a financial loser and pulled out of any plans. Mississippi should do the same. The only ones interested in keepin the movie industry here are people who get excited about having a friend of a friend who saw a famous actor from a distance and other groupees.