Friday, May 22, 2015

Walmart Hopes to hire 250,000 honorably discharged veterans by 2020

Many veterans have a difficult time getting a job in the civilian world. But thanks to an innovative program at one of America’s largest employers, it could become easier for many vets to find work.
Walmart has said that its Veterans Welcome Home Commitment program has been so successful that it wants to hire 250,000 honorably discharged veterans by 2020.
Retired Marine Nate Waits explained on “Your World” that he started working at Walmart in 2014 because he wanted to work for a company that was actively seeking out vets and giving them meaningful jobs.
“I think it’s something that holds value and I think that veterans have something to offer the civilian working world,” Waits explained. “And I really appreciated Walmart for looking into that.”
“Coming out of the military, you get some basic skills sets that would really help the civilian world,” Waits said, noting that includes a strong work ethic and the ability to work with a team to accomplish goals.
“They will bring that with them to the work force.” [Fox News]