Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Strength of the LGBT-Apologists is that they have no Strength

When the pro-LGBT apologists get real passionate about defending their position, they generally trend to one idea: they can't help being what they are. And they don't mean that in the sense of being an addict or something, they mean they are so hard-wired to be what they are that they are essentially victims of their own sexuality.  Of course, they don't see themselves as "victims" except in the realm of public debate. Then they are all victims and anyone not like them is pushing heterosexual tyranny.

Andree Seu Peterson recently wrote an article at World Magazine and addressed the "B" in LGBT:

  •  The LGT guys should be asking themselves about now, “What’s with this ‘B’ guy standing over there in a circle having laughs and a martini at our party? He’s not a real anything! He’s not hard-wired homosexual or a tortured misfit in his own body trying to climb out; he’s just coming along for a free ride. He makes us look bad, because intelligent people will come to their senses and say to themselves, ‘The whole LGBT movement is as phony as a three-dollar bill; look at this “B” thing in the middle that’s just clear-cut straight-up promiscuity.’ This ‘B’ guy blows our cover!” If there were a book for gays with parables in it like the Bible, the “B” guy would be the one at the wedding feast who gets kicked out when it is noticed by his lack of proper wedding attire that he is an imposter.
A blogger named Libby Anne took major exception to Peterson's article at her Patheos blog "Love joy and Feminism." of which she makes it clear from the beginning that "Regular readers will know that I’m no fan of Andrée Seu Peterson." She writes defends
  • Look, you can’t just choose to be attracted to members of more than one gender. It doesn’t work that way! Someone should ask Andrée if she could choose to be sexually attracted to women as well as men, in order to widen the pool of people she could date. I’m thinking her answer would be no. If you can’t choose to be bisexual, being bisexual clearly has nothing at all to do with being “promiscuous.” - 
Libby Anne is likely pro-choice when it comes to abortion, but people are just stuck in their position every where else.  It's easy to take exception of people who hold the position of Anne, since they generally claim to be speaking from a position of "rationalism" and "logic," and yet they hold at position which does not have an ounce of scientific evidence or otherwise to back it up.