Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tale of Two Cities: Southhaven, Mississippi vs Olive Branch, Mississippi

Dana Criswell, writer and State House candidate,  applauded the actions of Olive Branch, Mississippi for their actions on dealing with guns and gangs in an article posted at Mississippi Gun News. Memphis, which is close to Olive Branch, has gun and gang issues and some of it seems to be bleeding south into Mississippi.

He writes:

  • Olive Branch, MS is only minutes away and unfortunately we cannot build a fence on the state line to keep the hoodlums out of our city.  Which means the OB Police Department is left with the task of finding and arresting the gang members who make their way into our city.  They do an excellent job of catching these bad guys and have resisted the temptation to shift the blame that belongs to gang members to the citizens of Olive Branch.

In comparison to the way Olive Branch, Mississippi is handling the problem, he mentions the city of Southaven, Mississippi which is next to Olive Branch.

  •  Southaven’s officials have spent time and money trying to disarm their law-abiding citizens while Olive Branch officials have resisted this misguided path.  A few years ago when our Legislature clearly defined the word concealed, which allowed citizens to carry a firearm openly, the Southaven Police Chief was caught passing out “No Gun” signs to local businesses.
And he applauds Olive Branch:

  •  Olive Branch officials resisted this knee-jerk reaction and choose to honor our constitution and our rights.  I am proud to live in Olive Branch and I know I am safer in my home because of the work done by the OBPD.  But I carry a gun because our city is getting more dangerous and the police can not protect me.

Now I don't have any statistics to look at, though there probably are some, but I would just take a guess and say Southhaven likely has a far more liberal history of government which brings them to where they are today. And the opposite of that would be Olive branch...which also brings them where they are at today.  The choice between the two is an easy one.