Friday, May 1, 2015

Salon's Benji Hart Needs to Offer His Own Car & House to be Destroyed by Thug "Protesters"
Hart, in a long diatribe about how black protesters were maligned by the media and a defense of the vandalism and violence that occurred in Baltimore, stated (in the same article in which Hart defends their "rights" to protest as they did)  that they do not have to pay any attention the the Constitution:

  •  "it makes no sense to cite the Constitution in any demonstration for Black civil rights (that document was not written about us, remember?),"
 Hart also defends the rioters (whom he refers to as "protesters") right...or, rather "need" to destroy stuff:

  •  And while I don’t believe that every protester involved in attacking police cars and corporate storefronts had the same philosophy, or did what they did for the same reasons, it cannot be discounted that when there is a larger national outcry in defense of plate-glass windows and car doors than for Black young people, a point is being made.

When Hart offers his own car, his own house or business, or maybe the offices of "Salon" to be vandalized also, then maybe I'll say he is more than just a coward using big words behind a keyboard.