Sunday, May 3, 2015

Public Research Religion Institute: Minority Groups Do Not Matter

At least that's the take away one can surmise from a recent article by Robert P Jones which was published in "The Atlantic." Jones is the CEO of the Public Religion Research Institute. The premise of the article is in it's title: "Religious Americans Support Gay Marriage."

Of course, being that he speaks for a "Religious Institute" that also had the word "Research" in it, The Atlantic, who has a long history of bashing anyone and anything to the right of them, uses the article and "research" information to help them and its readers feel better about same-sex marriage. After all even the evangelicals are falling for it so how could it be wrong? In a world where right and wrong is decided by how we feel as opposed to the way things are that makes a lot of sense.

Jones summarizes his article by stating this:
  • Any contemporary argument against same-sex marriage that appeals to the beliefs of religious Americans will instead have to make the case for why the objections of one group of religious Americans—an increasingly minority group—should outweigh the opinions of other religious Americans and the nation as a whole.
What a paradigm shift that has taken place. Minorities don't matter anymore. But if you read it in "The Atlantic," then it must be so. And just enough "So" for the Supreme Court of the United States of America to  rule in favor of those who live in the status of the "So."