Saturday, May 16, 2015

PBS NewsHour co-anchor Judy Woodruff also contributed to the Clinton Foundation

 Rebecca Ballhaus reported at the Wall Street Journal:

  • Mr. Stephanopoulos isn’t the only political reporter who has given to the Clinton Foundation, the foundations database shows. Judy Woodruff, the co-anchor and managing editor of PBS NewsHour, gave $250 in 2010 to the foundation’s aid efforts for victims of the Haiti earthquake. At the time, she was covering politics as a senior correspondent for PBS NewsHour. “I made the gift in response to an urgent joint appeal from former President Clinton and then-President George W. Bush for aid to the victims of the Haiti earthquake,” she said in an email Thursday. “Seeing the massive loss of human life and the terrible conditions for survivors, I wanted to make a contribution and saw this as a way to do that. Ms. Woodruff has interviewed Mr. Clinton several times over the course of her career. In 2013, she interviewed him at the annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative about his ambitions for the organization.

Not as much money as Stephanopolous but  Woodruff has interviewed Bill Clinton several times. Always just the softball interviews that the Clinton's generally thrive on.