Monday, May 18, 2015

Obama is Ok with "Self-regulated Militia" as Long as He is the "Self" who Regulates it

A recipe for a disaster is for Obama to get together with some of his progressive friends who observed events at Ferguson and decide what kind of equipment the police should be allowed to have. But, that's exactly what happened:

  • President Obama is banning local police departments from receiving a range of military-style equipment from the federal government -- from grenade launchers to bayonets to certain armored vehicles -- as he implements the recommendations of a panel that examined the controversial gear giveaways in the wake of the Ferguson riots. The White House announced Monday that Washington would no longer provide some military-style gear while putting stricter controls on other weapons and equipment distributed to law enforcement. The details were released in advance of an Obama visit to Camden, N.J., Monday afternoon where he met with youth and law enforcement. [Fox News}
Obama, by the way, is protected by Secret Service for the rest of his life.  From 1997 until 2013, legislation became effective limiting Secret Service protection to former Presidents and their spouses to a period of 10 years from the date the former President leaves office. President Barack Obama signed legislation reversing this limit and reinstating lifetime protection on January 10, 2013. [Wikipedia]