Sunday, May 31, 2015

No Baker Has Refused to Bake a Gay Man a Cake

Z Richards
Bakers who have been accused of discrimination did not refuse to make a gay person a cake. They refused to bake a cake with a message supporting gay marriage.

That changes everything.

Has a precedent, then, been set by some select courts so an African-American baker be forced to bake a cake with a KKK on it? Or a Jewish baker be required to bake a cake with a Swastika?

But that’s ridiculous’, you say?
Yes. Yes it is.

 Just as it is ridiculous for a Christian who thinks that same-sex marriage is against the Word of God to be compelled to bake a cake with a message supporting it. There is discrimination in this case, but it is not discrimination against the gay man who brought the case (a heterosexual asking for such a cake would also have been turned down), but rather against the Christian baker who is being told he will have to close down if he is not prepared to provide cakes with messages that contradict his beliefs. To refuse to bake someone a cake because they are gay would be wrong. To refuse to decorate that cake with a message which you find offensive is your right.