Monday, May 4, 2015

Mississippi Common Core: Pot Will Investigate Kettle: Arne Duncan & Carey Wright Edition

Mississippi State Superintendent Carey Wright announced that she would head up a voluntary review of Common Core standards. Wright strongly supports the standards but Associated Press reports that she has said she wants to consider "other views" who oppose the standards.

From Associated Press:
  • State Superintendent Carey Wright said Monday at a luncheon sponsored by the Stennis Institute of Government and the Capitol press corps that the Mississippi Department of Education will solicit public comments for 90 days on English and math standards.A panel of educators will then examine comments and propose possible new standards, deletions or changes to the state Board of Education.

 Just recently the Department of Education's Arne Duncan suggested that Common Core will be the Standards of the land regardless. The Washington Post reported:

  • During a discussion with Motoko Rich of The New York Times, Arne Duncan threatened federal government intervention if states did not meet the 95 percent participation rate. Assuming that Duncan is not planning to call in the National Guard to haul off opt-outing 8 year olds, the only possible “sanction” would be withholding funds. That would surely lead to court challenges forcing the Education Department to justify penalizing schools when parents exercise their legitimate right to refuse the test.–an impossible position to defend...............He insinuated that “adults” are causing “the trauma,” thus furthering the stereotype of “the hysterical mom” that those who oppose opt-out often evoke.

I think we may be able to guess what the results of the "study" will be.