Monday, May 4, 2015

Garland Shooting: God Blessed Texas!

Though they wounded one security officer, the two homegrown Muslim terrorists didn't do anything else worthy of note. They were shot in the parking lot near their van. Their van was checked for explosives and none were found. Their apartments in Arizona turned up bomb free also. Not very well thought out, but, then again, you may as well take a knife to a gun fight than a gun fight to Texas. 

Associated Press reported:

  • Federal agents searched an apartment in Phoenix as part of an investigation into a shooting outside a suburban Dallas venue hosting a provocative contest for Prophet Muhammad cartoons, the FBI confirmed MondayA police officer shot and killed two gunmen who opened fire outside the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland on Sunday night. A security officer was wounded in the shooting. Garland officer Joe Harn says the men had used assault rifles, and that one officer had fatally shot both gunmen. Harn also said investigators searched the men's car and detonated several suspicious items, but no bombs were found in the vehicle.