Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Feminist Foundation Seeks to Extort Money From TLC Because of Propaganda Against Duggars

 Though they are coming in under the guise of seeking "public education campaign" they make themselves clear:
  • The Ms. Foundation is calling upon TLC to partner with child sexual abuse prevention advocates to launch a public education campaign on the same scale as the network's relentless marketing of the Duggar family. Regardless of whether the network cancels the Duggars' show or not, TLC can and must help empower every person who knows of or suspects child sexual abuse to take action.[USA Today]
In case that's not clear enough, it is the same thing Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Coalition  is best know for (and Al Sharpton currently does). When they heard anything that implied "racism," they would swoop in and get donations or something from the organization in the name of "educating the people of America" about racism.
 The same is with this Foundation on the sex abuse issue who says TLC "must" help empower every person.

 Though a majority of "racism" claims are false, no one is suggesting that sexual abuse does not happen and is not important to address. It's just that in the Duggar case it involved a 14 year old boy and the issue was dealt with at the time.  Gossip rags like "The Raw Story," media know-it-all Oprah Winfrey, and some misinformed religious zealots under the label of "Christian" keep pushing the false narrative.

 The Ms Foundation, based out of New York,  claims to be fighting the "war on women" (from their web site]. So for them to pursue another false narrative is par for it's usual course.