Saturday, May 16, 2015

Catholics need to start complaining there aren't enough crosses in Muslim neigborhoods & mosques.

 Jennifer Meadows reported at the Conservative Tribune:
  • Catholic University in Washington D.C. is being investigated for offending Muslims because there are too many crosses on campus. This situation might be rather humorous if it wasn’t foretelling of things to come. American life, culture, and the very foundation of both our government and the governments of the West are being shaken by the threat Islam poses to future generations. A sixty-page complaint was filed in the D.C. Human Rights office by a professor from George Washington University Law School. Professor John Banzhaf alleges the “excessive” amount of “Catholic imagery” at the school are offensive creating a hostile environment for Muslim students to pray.  [More at Conservative Tribune]

Catholics need to start going into mosques, areas or buildings, that has a heavily Muslim presence and start filing complaints about the lack of crosses. The lack of Catholic imagery is creating a hostile environment for Catholics to pray.