Sunday, May 3, 2015

Alternative to Blatantly Crooked & Hypocritical GoFundMe: GoGetFunding

 Since GoFundMe has become so anti-Christian and what I would call anti-ethical (GoFundMe: You Are Guilty Until Proven Innocent.) , In an article addressing some of the discriminatory issues displayed by GoFundMe, Lydia McGrew wrote an article at Whats wrong with the World? and also included this information:
  • The Christian Post found a competitor of GoFundMe, based in England no less (!), that has a different take. London-based GoGetFunding says it would allow crowd-funding for people in the Kleins' situation. The next time something like this happens, bear this in mind. For that matter, bear it in mind the next time you want to raise funds for just about anything. This should be good advertising for GoGetFunding.
She also points out:

  • GFM's terms of service state that you can't set up a funding campaign if you have been convicted of a "heinous" crime, and GFM implied that both the Kleins' and Stutzmann's campaigns violated this policy. Which makes no sense, both because nobody in their right mind thinks of what they did as "heinous" and because what they violated were civil statutes rather than criminal statutes. HotAir reports that GFM has squared the circle by hastily amending their policy to ban fund-raising if one has been found guilty of "discriminatory acts." Redstate points out that actually GFM has no problem retaining pages for accused criminals.
Steve Bermnan's article at Red State makes it clear that The GoFundMe brand is extremely discriminatory:

  • Apparently GoFundMe has no problem raising money for legal funds, as long as it’s not for Christians. Aldo Alvarez was charged with burglary with assault and battery on a law enforcement officer after allegedly attacking Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputy Joshua McGehee. McGeheee shot Alvarez, and GoFundMe hasn’t taken down Alvarez’s account. Neither have they taken down the hundreds of legal defense fund accounts, many of the beneficiaries of which face “formal charges of heinous crimes, including violent, hateful, or sexual acts.”