Monday, May 18, 2015

Alabama Lawyer Proclaims Himself God; Removes Confederate Flags From Cemetery

That's the short version, anyway. 

WFSA Reported: 

  • After news broke and made national headlines that Confederate flags had been removed from the graves of soldiers in Union Springs, officials revealed that more flags have been placed out at the cemetery. A prominent attorney admitted to taking the flags, a move that's sparked both positive reaction and calls for him to be arrested and disbarred. He's also received death threats and hate mail. The lawyer says his actions are meant to promote unity.
The only thing is that the attorney, Myron Penn,  did not promote unity but instead created disunity and a bit of anger.

  • “It's not about race or the flag or anything else. It's about decency and respect for the dead. You don't do stuff like that,” added Rebecca Atkins, who has family members who were Confederate soldiers. “You got to give respect where it's deserved and those soldiers gave their lives just like any other soldier gives their lives. It's nothing racial and it's not about discrimination. You look at the person who served for our country and that's what matters.”
Nice going, Mr Penn, your self righteousness didn't create unity because the effort had only to do with yourself. No one else. 

  • A group called the Defenders of the Confederate Cross is planning a protest in Union Springs next month. It is scheduled to take place June 19-20. The Defenders of the Confederate Cross released this statement: "While we DO NOT CONDONE acts of violence against any one, this has nothing to do with race, slavery, or oppression. This has a lot to do with people walking on and disregarding Confederate heritage. In 1958 congress ruled confederate veterans are AMERICAN veterans and D.C.C. will see that they are treated as such. We will replace the flags that were illegally removed and keep a ever present eye on all Confederate Veterans graves!"

Bet you thought you were going to be a hero, Mr Penn??